How to Find the Neighborhood for You


One of the most important steps in finding your dream home is choosing the location. The neighborhood you choose can be just as important as the home you buy. It is more than just choosing a city or a suburb especially in a populated place like Madison, Wisconsin. Each neighborhood has a characteristic personality designed to fit certain types of people from single people to growing families, to two-career couples to retirees and more.  Here are some helpful hints to consider when determining where you want to live.

Research online. Many neighborhoods will have a website or Facebook Page with a calendar of events. Attend an event! This will give you a chance to talk to people that currently live in the neighborhood.

Make a list of priorities. Brainstorm what is important to you in a neighborhood. Examples include space between houses, parks, proximity to school, proximity to work, community pool, major highways, shopping, public transportation, churches etc. Communicate this to your realtor so that they can help find the ideal home for you and also they have suggestions and more information.

Scout out the Neighborhood. Drive through the neighborhood at different times of the day, during the week and weekends. Look carefully at how well homes in the area are maintained. Look at if the houses are painted, the yards are well-cared for, parked cars are in good condition, traffic etc. Look for access to major thoroughfares, highways and shopping. Listen for noise by commerce, roads, railways, schools, and airports. Again, talk to people who live there! They will have the best information.

Madison and surround cities offer a diverse selection of neighborhoods. There is one out there just for you!