How to Know When to Sell Your Home


Your home is important to you, but did you know that it can quickly become the biggest stressor in your life? There is a right time to sell your home. If more than half of these signs below relate to you, maybe it is your time.

Top 10 Signs That It’s Time to Sell Your Home

1. When you bought your house, you lived in the country. Now you’re surrounded by high rises.

2. You can’t get any appliances repaired because “they stopped making those parts years ago.”

3. The swing set in the backyard has sprouted roots.

4. The plumber’s phone number is on your speed dial.

5. Your phone number is on your plumber’s speed dial.

6. All the children’s rooms are now guest bedrooms.

7. You haven’t visited the other half of the house in six months.

8. You have to move the furniture to see the carpet’s original color.

9. Your bathroom is a lovely shade of avocado green — from the first time it was in style.

10. You can’t make any improvements to the exterior of your home without getting approval from the Board of Historic Monuments.

The house that you raised a family in is important to you, but once the kids have grown up and moved out, it is important to think about the near future and growing old especially if your home has multiple levels and is difficult maintain as you get older. At this point in your life, everything should be getting simpler not more complicated. Look at downsizing as creating a peaceful and easy space to live in. It is important to make this change now when you are able and have the energy to do so.

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